A Site Visit to Understand Bio diversity – Naveen’s Garden

A team of second year students visited Naveen’s garden near Thuraiyur for an amazing experience of interacting with many animals living together. One can see and interact with animals right from cats, camel, dogs, donkeys, bull, horse, reptiles, fishes and others all living together wandering on a large farm land. The place is also developed with an eco forest plantation. With the use of various sustainable methods in this farm, this can potentially be a worth destination in this region to experience agro tourism, recreational activities,etc.

By Student Pavithra,

We went on a site visit and we were informed that “We are going to a place called Naveen’s Garden”. “We thought that it would be just like park or a nursery. But, when we reached the place, we were welcomed by different animals species like Dog, Goats, Bull, Horse, Hamsters, Tortoise, Turtle, Camel and etc.When we stepped out of the bus, Dogs surrounded us and they were very playful. They were expecting biscuits from us. Then, some of our class boys went and bought biscuits for them.Each and every animal ate the biscuits which we gave them. I haven’t seen a Camel or a bull eating biscuits before.Farming : It is an integrated farming system which doesn’t include artificial fertiliser, pesticides. Farming also included Poultry farming, Diary farming and sheep Rearing. Pomegranate, Paddy, Coconut and vegetables were grown in that place.

There was a huge agricultural pond of 140 feet, 70 feet, 12 ft d. They are building a space for orphanage and special child. This space connects them with nature and animals. We went and saw the solar panels (TATAS).Types of Fish and Reptile species :  Tortoise, Turtle, iguana, Stingray, Lobsters, arapaima, Alligator. Mr.Naveen explained about all these species and told the difference between Turtle and Tortoise.

Mr. Naveen’s inspiration is Dr.A.P.J.Abdul kalam. He thought us about Bio diversity.He asked us to take responsibility like keeping the surroundings clean and not harming any animals. He told that Youngsters can change anything and we have the power to make India a Digital Country.

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