A fun and informative debate session – CARE Literary Club

A fun and informative debate session was organised by the CARE Literary Club on the 29th of July, 2020. Two teams of four students from CSOA expressed their views over the topic, “Social Media – Improves Communication or Creates An Illusion”. Some interesting points such as how social media is acting as a platform for better communication, development of skills and easy access to obtain the information we’re put forth by Sanjay, Mangala Sudhan, Ramesh Kanna and Varun. A counter-argument on how social media has become a fake world per se and its manipulative negative effects were stated by Sindhuja, Rahul Raj, Soundarya and Sri Hari.
The mediators Ar. Shabitha and Ar. Balaji concluded the session by acknowledging the positives and negatives of both sides. The best speaker was chosen by the mediators for each team – Rahul Raj and Ramesh Kanna. Soundarya received a special mention for their arguments.
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