Introduction to Generative Drawing

Workshop Instructor: Ar. Dondeti Karthik

The term ‘generative’ in the context of design typically alludes to an iterative process of generating ‘outputs’ based on a set of pre-defined constraints and parameters. The key point of departure from a typical design process is that this is about designing a system of rules, a grammar, that then generates a range of possible ‘solutions’. Using code as a medium of expression, we can explore a much wider design space, tweak constraints and parameters in real time while generating a plethora of possible solutions.Students will learn the methods of writing instructions in the form of code that generate iterative graphics. We will explore the processof designing / authoring parametric relationships between simple geometrical forms and automate the process of generating the resultants. It can inculcate a logical thinking towards defining systems of design and in turn, towards thinking and producing form.

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