Pandemic Dyes

Workshop Instructor: Ar. Sudha Palepu

In this program, students worked with everyday kitchen items like onion skins, pomegranate peels, and marigold flowers to extract dyes. They witnessed the transformation of these materials into vibrant colors on fabric and paper, blending science with creativity.

The visit to the Athangudi tile making factory provided a close look at the manual tile crafting process. Students gained insights into the blend of tradition and innovation in this craft.

The program culminated in an exhibition showcasing the students’ work. This included tiles, handmade papers, and artworks created using organic dyes. The focus was on sustainable creativity, highlighting the potential of natural resources in art.

This experience aimed to deepen students’ understanding of artistic processes, sustainable practices, and the historical context of traditional crafts. It sought to instill a lasting appreciation for the arts and a commitment to eco-conscious creativity.

Admissions Open
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