Talks on Photography, Week 5, Sakthi Murugan, Conservation Architect

Talks on Photography, Week 5, Sakthi Murugan, Conservation Architect, Sunday 7pm, (28 June 2020). Sakthi, presented his images, and his mind behind all those. He shared images that he took in class 9, until his last conservation project. He explained how his understanding towards imaging evolved over time. His inclusive convergent learning (i.e., architecture, conservation & Read more about Talks on Photography, Week 5, Sakthi Murugan, Conservation Architect[…]

ஓவியம் – கூறுகளும் கொள்கைகளும்

The students of CARE Photography Club organised a book reading session on 31 May 2020, through Google meet. We read and discussed the book of Artist Pughazhendi. This book explains the elements and principles of art in Tamil. In a 2-hour long session, we read the chapters on Lines and Space; we talked about photography Read more about ஓவியம் – கூறுகளும் கொள்கைகளும்[…]

Heritage Walk | Malaikottai

  As a culmination of Architectural Conservation Elective class, we (C.A.R.E. School of Architecture) offered a Heritage walk around the Rockfort area, Tiruchirapalli. Final year students took the role of Lead Walkers. They explained the historical and heritage significance to the group, that came out of their research and field study. The course and the Read more about Heritage Walk | Malaikottai[…]

Alumni Meet 2020

  As an inaugural event of the commemoration celebrations of the 10th year of the school, the Alumni meet was held on March 14 & 15, 2020. Our agenda was to constitute an official body for the Alumni in order to foster collaborations. We had our Alumni (Ar. Gowtham Srinath, Ar.Ragul Ravichandran, Ar.Naveen Kumar, and Read more about Alumni Meet 2020[…]

Volunteering for Citizen for Uyyakondan (CFU)

The revival of the 1000-year-old, Uyyakondan Canal, that runs across the city, was initiated as an Urban design studio project in 2018 by the school. The project has now become a flagship project, with the aid of the “Citizen of Uyyakondan,” a forum floated by people from various walks of life to prevent further pollution Read more about Volunteering for Citizen for Uyyakondan (CFU)[…]

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