Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Counselling Code 666

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The content of the curriculum in an MBA course is balanced between formal business education and real-life problem solving. It mixes teamwork with competition and teaches the skill that will enable the students to grasp new ideas and seize new opportunities. MBA course combines the theoretical and practical approach. The practical approach relies on real-life business cases, by which students debate informally with their professors. The theoretical basis relies on seminars and lectures. Our School of Management uses a mix of the two in various percentages.

In the last 10 years, we have seen much change in the course content of the MBA.
MBA courses had to follow suit after dramatic changes in business practice such as globalization and the development of new technology. As a result of these changes, new subjects have appeared such as international finance, supply chain management, total quality management, e-commerce, and information technology. The pedagogical method is also evolving. Students have less theoretical courses, and an ever-increasing amount of teamwork and practical studies courses. New disciplines have also been introduced such as politics, religion, history, ethics, and communication. Furthermore, there are more and more guest speakers who come to class and bring a practical point of view to the courses taught by faculty members

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