17th online technical webinar on “ Multibody Dynamics using Solid works ”

Department of Mechanical Engineering successfully organised 17th online technical webinar on the topic of “ Multibody Dynamics using Solid works ”. A total of 20 participants benefited from this webinar. The Resource Person Mr. M. KAVI PRADHAP, Application Engineer, Coimbatore CAD Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore, explained the fundamental and dynamics motion of different mechanism. In addition, dynamic motions were explained with help of Solid work software package. Also, four bar mechanisms, Geneva mechanism, screw jack and transmission shafts were created using solid work software and their dynamic analysis were done by resource person.

Resource person:

Application Engineer
Coimbatore CAD Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,


Event Coordinator:

Mr. S. Karthik, AP/Mechanical,

Dr. D. R. Rajkumar, HoD/Mechanical.


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