MoU with Siemens Centre of Excellence in Manufacturing, Functioning in National Institute of Technology, Trichy

To provide industrial exposure to the students and faculty the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) digital signing ceremony was held on 25th Friday of June month, 2021 between Siemens Centre of Excellence in Manufacturing, functioning in National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli and CARE College of Engineering,Tiruchirappalli.

The meeting platform is conducted via Google meet in presence of Dr.D.Sriram Kumar, Head, Siemens Centre, NIT and Dr.S.Shanthi, Principal, CARE and other members of both the institutions.

The meeting started by 2.00 pm with an welcome address of opening remarks given by Dr.D.Sriram Kumar, Head, Siemens Centre, NIT. He stated the needs of industry collaboration with developing colleges which helps the students and faculty to update the platform through emerging technologies. Next the presidential address was given by Dr.M.Duraiselvan, Dean,Siemens Centre, NIT who strongly clarifies the opportunity in industry 4.0 revolution which represents a new stage in the organization and control of the industrial value chain which reaches the budding engineers. Then Dr.S.Shanthi, Principal, CARE, delivered her address regarding the MoU benefits between the two parties and emerging trends that leads the industry collaboration with our institution to build the engineers to the next level. Then Dr.A.Pasumpon Pandian, Dean R & D , CARE delivered the special address regarding MoU requirements and beneficiaries between the institutions which plays a vital role in moulding the institution to the next higher level.

Then Dr.J.Jeyarani, HoD, ECE addressed the fellow people and expressed her gratitude to the people in the meeting and statedthe need of MoU along with siemens in building the ECE department towards research oriented activities. Finally the MoU signing agreement was accepted by both the parties and ended with vote of thanks delivered by Dr.M.Duraiselvan and CARE faculty in the meeting.



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