ECE – Industrial Visit to Amul Chocolate Factory

Industrial Visit was arranged in Amul Chocolate Factory, Anand City, Gujarat on 30.08.2022 for the II, III & IV ECE Students. Four Students and one Faculty Visited the factory to understand the concepts of Robotics, Automatic Working of Machines in Realtime Systems, RTOS concepts, Networking of Systems.  The visit was very useful & interactive and the faculty incharge explained all the concepts and working of each and every unit in the Chocolate factory.

The following students and faculties were visited the chocolate unit.

  1. R.Deepalakshmi (AP-ECE)
  2. S.Raja Rajeswari (IV ECE)
  3. Kanchu Lokesh (III ECE)
  4. D.Samruth Sriram (II ECE)
  5. L.Reegan Rusoul (II ECE)

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