Value Added Course on Foundations of Programming and Problem Solving

Mrs. V.Gomathi, AP/CSE ,organized a Value Added Course on Foundations of Programming and Problem Solving for third year and final year CSE and AD students . Dr. Anandkumar Prakasam,Root – IT learning Centre Research Consultancy, Trichy acted as a resource person and handled the session  for 14 days (18 sessions) from 10.08.2022 to 13.10.2022. For third year students ,Fundamentals of Programming Languages was taken and for final years Basics of Programming Languages & Test Case Implementation was taken .

Foundations of Programming and Problem Solving
Resource Person

Dr. AnandkumarPrakasam,Root – IT learning Centre Research Consultancy, Trichy

Number of Days               :  14 Days
Academic Year                  :  2022 – 23 (ODD)
Target Audience              :  III CSE, IV CSE &  III AI & DS
Total Sessions                   :  18 Sessions
Total Hours                        :  54 Hours


Course Details :

S.No Topics Duration Date/Day
1 Introduction-Company Types,Goal,Choosing a Company, Choosing a

Programming Language, Compiler vs Interpreter, Types of Programming Languages,What is a Program?,etc.



Aug 10,Wed (FN)
2 DataTypes:Types,Primitive vs Complex,Value vs Reference,Garbage

Collection Primitives, Basic Data Types: int, float, char, bool, string with use cases,Git andGit Hub Fundamentals– Git Hands on training



Aug 16,Tue (FN)
3 Conversion:Casting,Conversion,Formatting,Parsing,Basic Programming:IDE,

Input,Output and Basic Operations, Set15 questions hands on

3 Aug 17,Wed (FN)
4 Set 1 Discussion, Scope: Visibility and Lifetime, Stack Tracing, Debug using Break Points,Functions/Methods -Use Cases and Types, Functions Hands on 3 Aug 20,Sat (FN)
5 Functions Discussion, Conditionals: If Else and Boolean Operations, Conditions questions hands on,Switch Case,Ternary Operator,Boolean Functions, UnitTesting, Test Driven Development  


Aug 20,

Sat (AN)

6 Conditionals Discussion, Loops: Unstructured, Structured, Parts, while, for, do while,multiple iterators,break and continue,Loops ,questions hands on,Contest I/O Discussion,PracticeContest1-Intro Hands On  


Aug 22,

Mon (FN)

7 Loops Set1 Discussion,Set2 IO Explanation,Simple Patterns Explanation,Set2-5questions Handson, Practice Contest2 and Discussion 3 Sep 01,

Thu (FN)

8 Loops Set2 Discussion,Factors,Primes and Number Problems,Set3 IO

Explanation,Practice Contest 3 and Discussion

3 Sep 3,

Sat (FN)

9 Arrays-1D,2Dand Jagged Arrays with Use Cases and Demo,ArraysSet1- 5

Questions Hands on Practice Contest4–Hands on and Discussion

3 Sep 9,

Fri (FN)

10 Array Set 1 Discussion, Linear Search, Binary Search, Array Set 2 IO, Array Set 2HandsOn 5 Questions. Practice Contest 5–Hands On and Discussion 3 Sep 9,

Fri (AN)

11 Array Set 2 Discussion, Rotation and Reverse in place, Array Set 3 IO, Collection Classes: List, Sorted List, Stack,Queue,Dictionary,Set Use Cases with Demo.Practice Contest6– Hands On and Discussion  



Thu (FN)

12 Array Set3Discussion,Collection Set1 IO,Files and Directories-FileI/O,Game Development-Board Games,Practice Contest7 Hands on and discussion. 3 Sep 20,

Thu (AN)

13 Collection Classes Set1 Discussion,Strings and Character Arrays. StringsIO.

Board Game Project Review and Improvements, Practice Contest 8 Hands on and Discussion.



Sep 22,

Sat (FN)

14 Strings Set Discussion.Two PointerTechnique.Board Game Project Review and Suggestions.FullContest1 and Discussion. 3 Sep 22,

Sat (AN)



15 Basic Programming Concepts and Sample programs  



Tue (FN)

16 Concepts of Test Cases 3 Oct 11,

Tue (AN)

17 Sample Test case Implementations  


Oct 12,

Wed (AN)

18 Sample Test case Implementations 3 Oct 13,

Thu (AN)



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