Workshop on “Automation: Impact of Internet of Things”

The Department of ECE conducted  the winter workshop of Academic Year 2022-23, entitled as “a Five Days Workshop on “Automation: Impact of Internet of Things” from 31.01.2023 to 03.02.2023. The Main stream and topics of the workshop were decided by subject experts in the field of IOT by considering student feedback from the previous summer workshop of AY 2021- 22.

Day 01 (30.01.2023) started with the Inauguration and workshop introduction was given to students by Dr.J.Jeyarani, HoD of ECE, She explained about the importance of IOT in all the fields of Engineering. In Day 01 and Day 02, students did presentations about their interested topics/projects they want to do/learn in the Workshop.

Day 03 (01.02.2023) session was handled by Mr.Mohammed Nizarudeen of CSE department, the topic was C and Python language Programming in IOT softwares/devices. They learnt a lot about coding and programming that will be useful for the next handson session.

Day 04 (02.02.2023) Introduction to Arduino/ IOT was given by Mrs.R.Vanitha, Assistant

Professor of ECE and followed by the introduction Mrs.R.Deepalakshmi, Assistant Professor of ECE gave the hands-on session of Arduino and IOT. The session was very useful and they did some basic examples and mini projects.

 Day 05 (03.02.2023) of the workshop ended with the Industrial visit in CoE in Manufacturing, NIT Trichy. On Day 05, the morning session was handled by the CoE in manufacturing technical persons. They explained a lot about ESP32 modules and the afternoon session was Industrial visit, they visited all the lab facilities in the CoE in Manufacturing. The efforts of all the team members from the department and workshop coordinator who made this workshop a grand success are appreciated.


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