A Five Days Value Added Courses on “Dismantling and Assembly of 2 & 4 Stroke Petrol Engines”

           The Programme was organized by CARE College of Engineering and coordinated by Mr.P.Dineshkumar AP/MECH & Mr. S.Karthik AP/MECH of Mechanical Department in the year 2022-2023.This Stream was decided on the advice of Subject Faculty and Feedback received from past Year AY 2021-2022. About 41 Students from II and IV Year Mechanical Engineering Students   actively participated in the Value added Courses. 

Venue: Thermal Engineering Laboratory                   

Date : 06-02-2023 to 10-02-2023                                        

Time : 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

Day-01 :

The programme began with the prayer song. Mr. S. Karthik AP/Mech delivered the welcome address. Dr. D. R. Rajkumar HOD/ MECH presided over the function and encouraged the students about the current technology used in this Automobile Field.  Co-Ordinator Mr.P.Dineshkumar introduced the Chief Guest Mr. B. Manickraj, Proprietor, Annai Auto  works. The Chief Guest inaugurated the function and gave confidence to the participants and brief about the current and future technology in this Field. After the Inaugurations, Our HOD Dr. D. R. Rajkumar  gave his  lecture on Introduction to Automobiles. After that  hands on session taken by Mr. B. Manickraj (External Resource person). Finally,  activity was conducted for students to Identify the real parts and place it in Prelabeled areas within the time limit by Co-ordinator Mr.P.Dineshkumar, AP/MECH. 

Day-02 :

Day two began with a guest lecture on Various types of fuels, Engines, Brake systems and Car classification session  taken by Mr. S. Karthik, AP/MECH.  Session two was handled by Mr. M. Anthony Kingston, AP/MECH about Clutch and transmission assembly. Afternoon session was Hands-on session of Dismantle and Assembly of Two Stroke Engines which was handled by Resource Person 

Day-03 :

On day three, Hands on session of  four stroke engine by External Resource Person and then in second session he explained Dismantling and Assembly of clutch and Transmission assembly by practically. Mr. S. Maheshwaran, AP/MECH gave a presentation on crankshaft and Piston to the participants and AN Session. Last  session was Hands-on session of Dismantle and Assembly of Two Stroke Engines by Mr. B. Manickraj.

Day-04 :

          Fourth day, FN session 1  on crank and Piston arrangement  handled by External Resource person Mr. B. Manickaraj. Session 2 was taken by Internal staff Mr. S. Karthik, AP/MECH on Head, Cylinder Bore arrangement. AN first session was handled by Resource Person Mr. B. Manik Raj, who dismantled the Head and Bore arrangement and students assembled the part . Last Session was discussed about the recent trends and troubleshooting in automobiles by Mr. P. Dineshkumar, AP/MECH.

Day-05 :

          On the fifth day First session was taken by Dr. B. Gobalakrishnan about various parts in Head and its function in detail. Second session was carried out by the resource person on overhauling the 4 stroke engine.  Afternoon Students were divided into 5 groups (A,B,C,D,E).  Each group competes with each other in dismantling and assembling four stroke and two stroke engines in less time.

Among them team C complete dismantling and assembling the engine by 17 mins and 20 seconds. 

Valedictory Function:

At 4:30 pm, Dr. A. Pasumpon Pandian,Dean R&D, presided over the Valedictory Function. HOD Dr. D. R. Rajkumar explains the Current and Future technology in automobiles to the students.  Our Dean Dr. A. Pasumpon Pandian Motivates students about the needs of automation and knowledge of I C Engines and Elective vehicles as well.  Our Resource person remembered the important points from the 2 stroke and 4 stroke IC engines. Dean R&D congratulated the winners with a gift and certificate.

Certificates were distributed by the external resource person for other students also. Feedback form was collected from all the participants/students.

Finally Vote of thanks was given by the Coordinator Mr. P. Dineshkumar, AP/MECH.


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