Industrial Visit to Toolfab Engineering Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., Unit -II, Thanjavur

Toolfab focusing on Heavy Engineering Fabrication with major emphasis on Wind Mill Towers, Thermal Power Plant Pressure parts components, Utility Package Boilers, Railway Over Bridge Steel Composite Structures, Mining Equipments & Heavy Boiler Structures etc. Further significant developments of Latest Engineering Techniques & Technology with constant research for customer need engineering solutions to meet 100% Quality and Customer Satisfaction in Time.

Toolfab Engineering Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. have following testing facilities,

  • Easy Laser – Surface Flatness Measurement and alignment system – Make-DAMALINI AB – SWEDEN.
  • Ultrasonic Testing Machine (Digital & Analogue).
  • Magnetic Particle Testing machine.
  • Liquid Penetrate Test kits.
  • Painting Gauge –Coat measure M-1. Digital & Profile Gauge.
  • Distance Measurement Laser.
  • Hydro Testing Pump ( 350 Kg/cm2 (g) ) & Pressure Gauges – Various Ranges.

29 students of  Mechanical Engineering and following Faculty members went for visit on 25-02-2023

  • Dr. D R Rajkumar, HoD/MECH
  • Mr. S Karthik, AP/MECH,
  • Mr. S Baskaran, Lab Technician/MECH

The industrial visit was held on 25-02-2023. There was a representation on Manufacturing Technology  for the Department of Mechanical students & mainly focused on the Manufacturing area. It was taken by Mr. Sakthivel, HR who graced the occasion with their presence. In this Industrial visit, student and faculty members understood the process of Windmill towers manufacturing. Initial stainless steel plate was cut into required sizes. Then it was moved to LS Weld. After the process, it is moved to a bending machine. Then the bended materials are welded on the outside and the inner welding process is done by the submerged arc welding method. Then the welded tower is moved to the blasting area, after completing the blasting process, the windmill tower moved to the painting area, here painting is done based on the customer requirement. Finally all other internal components are fixed inside the tower and ready to logistic. 

During the industrial visit Students and Faculty members get exposure about the following points:

  • Manufacture process of Windmill Tower
  • manufacture process of Railway bridge structure

On future technology used in the industry for the development of Product/ Process.

  • Submerge welding 
  • Sand Blasting
  • High Load Hydraulic press
  • Automated spray painting

                  Industrial Visit -Toolfab Engineering Enterprise Pvt. Ltd, 

     Welcome address by General Manager,  Toolfab Engineering Enterprise Pvt. Ltd.

                            Plate cutting machine explained by bay engineer

Rolling Machine

.                          Submerged Welding on inner side of windmill tower

                                                Windmill Tower

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