Industrial Visit to Prim Engineering, Thuvakudi, Trichy

From the Department of Mechanical Engineering, CARE CoE, 37 students and 1 teaching and 1 non-teaching staff went for an industrial visit to Prim Engineering, Thuvakudi, Trichy. The industrial visit was held on March 18, 2023. There was a representation on manufacturing technology and CNC for the Department of Mechanical students, mainly focused on the manufacturing area. It was taken by Mr. M. Parthiban, Managing Partner, and Mr. J. Kanan, Manager, who graced the occasion with their presence. A training introduction session about the safety procedures and CNC working process was explained by Mr. J. Kanan, Manager. In this industrial visit, students and faculty members understood the process of CNC manufacturing.

During the industrial visit, students and faculty members get exposure to the following:

  • Types of CNC machines
  • CNC Coding for Milling and Turning
  • Drawing Interpretation 
  • Raw Material Specifications
  • CNC machine operations

Safety procedure and Introduction to industry processes

Speech about CNC Automation and requirements

Lecture about CMM and Models

Working Illustration of CNC Milling centre


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