Guest lecture on Transmission Lines and RF Systems

The Department of ECE organized a Guest lecture on “Transmission Lines and RF Systems” on 18.04.2023 @ 3.30 PM , and it was coordinated by Mrs.J.S.Jenin,AP/ECE. Mrs. J.S.Jenin AP/ECE gave the welcome address and introduced the guest Ms. V.Roja, PMRFScholar, Department of ECE,NIT,Trichy. The guest lecture is planned to provide the knowledge towards the application oriented TLRF. This is the content beyond the syllabus which will support self-learning and motivate for life-long learning for the student participants. The important takeaway of the session was the students learnt about the practical aspects about TLRF –RF system design concepts . The vote of thanks to the speaker was given by Dr. J.Jeyarani, Professor and Head of ECE.

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