The guest lecture on Database Management System (DBMS) was held on 27.04.2023  at Application Development lab for second year CSE students  . The speaker for the lecture was Dr. N. Saravana Raman ,Associate Professor & Head , Department of CSE , Shree Angalamman College  of Engineering and Technology, an expert in the field of database management. The lecture aimed to provide some of the advanced concepts in DBMS, its importance in modern business environments, and the key concepts and principles associated with managing databases. The speaker emphasized the importance of understanding key concepts and principles in DBMS.

Topics covered :


Query Optimization.


Real-World Applications.

For example e-commerce systems, airline reservation systems, healthcare databases, and social media platforms. The speaker explained how DBMS enables efficient data storage, retrieval, and processing, resulting in improved business operations and decision-making.

Following the lecture, a question-and-answer session was conducted, allowing attendees to seek clarifications and discuss specific topics in more detail. The speaker provided valuable insights and addressed queries related to database design, performance optimization, and emerging trends in DBMS.

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