Teaching Learning Workshop

The objective of Outcome-Based Education is to create a student-centered, flexible, and accountable education system that prepares students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes for success in their careers and in life.

 To achieve the objective of teaching-learning process, the Internal Quality Assurance Cell organized a Teaching Learning Workshop, on 7.10.2023 for the faculty members from all departments. In the morning session, Dr.K.Kannan, Professor, the Mechanical Department, Coordinator of Teaching Learning Center conducted a session on Teaching Learning goals and processes to implement effective teaching in the classroom environment. The workshop provided an excellent platform for the faculty members for the preparation of lecture notes for all sessions. After the morning session all the faculty members were assigned a task of preparation of lecture notes for their courses which they are handling in the current semester.

            In the afternoon session, as a part of lecture notes presentation Dr. M. Jothi, Department of AI&DS, delivered a lecture on topic artificial intelligence. Ms C.M. Lekshmi, from Department of MBA delivered a lecture on Training and Development. Mrs. M. Mohanalakshmi, from Department of Civil Engineering, delivered a lecture on Transportation Engineering. The session was effective for all the faculty members in preparing the lecture notes to meet the objective of OBE (Outcome based Education). Feedback from other members about the lecture delivered by the faculty members was collected and discussed. The workshop ended up with concluding remarks by Dr.S.Shanthi, Principal.

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