Pulzate 7E8- 10th National Level Technical Symposium



The 10th National Level Technical Symposium, held on October 20, 2023, marked a significant milestone in the field of Computer Science and Engineering. The event was graced by the presence of Mr. Rayman Issac, Data Architect, Rencata.Inc, Chennai, who felicitated the function as the chief guest. The symposium aimed to provide a platform for knowledge exchange and technical exploration.

The event began with an inaugural ceremony where Mr. Rayman Issac delivered an inspiring speech, emphasizing the importance of Choosing the path to start the carrier in the field of technology.     

A Series of events were conducted

  • Tech Talk: A series of informative technical talks were organized, where experts shared their insights and expertise on various cutting-edge topics in the field of Computer Science and Engineering.
  • Debugging: A competitive event where participants showcased their debugging skills by solving complex programming problems. It provided a platform for students to demonstrate their problem-solving abilities.
  • JAM (Just A Minute): A speaking competition that challenged participants to speak on a given topic for a minute without hesitation, repetition, or deviation. It honed communication skills and quick thinking.
  • AdZap: An advertising competition where participants demonstrated their creativity and marketing prowess by creating and presenting innovative advertisements.
  • Star of Pulzate: An award to recognize outstanding contributors and achievers in the field of CSE. The “Star of Pulzate” was a prestigious honor bestowed on individuals who demonstrated exceptional talent and dedication

It provided a unique platform for students, to come together, exchange ideas.

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