Hertz 23 – (2.0)

The Hertz’23 2.0 symposium, hosted by the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) on October 20, 2023, at the Engineering Seminar Hall, CARE College of Engineering, was an exhilarating event. It featured a range of technical presentations, discussions, and activities that allowed participants to explore the latest advancements in electronics, communications, and engineering. The day was brimming with excitement and provided valuable insights.

The event kicked off with an inauguration at 10:20 AM, graced by the distinguished presence of Principal Dr. S. Shanthi and Dean of Research & Development Dr. A. Pasumpon Pandian. Kanchu Lokesh, IV ECE, delivered the welcome address. The Principal emphasized the importance of skill development in cutting-edge technologies for career opportunities in the field of ECE. Dean Dr. Pasumpon Pandian shared valuable insights into the future of ECE during his felicitation. The Principal also released the second edition of the magazine “The Elekron” during the event. The inaugural session concluded with a formal vote of thanks delivered by Kayalvizhi, III ECE.

Hertz’23   2.0 attracted 67 participants from various Engineering Colleges.

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