FDP program on 4G & 5G Matlab Communication tool

Department of ECE Organises , FDP program on 4G & 5G Matlab Communication tool on 06.11.2023. Resource Person was Mr. vivek ashokan, ARK Soulution, Chennai.

The objectives of using Matlab tools for 4G and 5G communication systems are diverse and can be tailored to specific needs within the field of wireless communications. Here are some common objectives:

  • System design and simulation
  • Modulation and Demodulation
  • 5G NR Simulation
  • Beamforming and Massive MIMO
  • LTE System Analysis (for 4G)
  • Resource Grids and Waveform Analysis

Through the powerful simulation capabilities of Matlab Communication System Toolbox and 5G Toolbox, we have embarked on a journey of understanding and optimizing the intricate dynamics of 5G NR communication systems. From waveform generation to channel modeling, beamforming, resource allocation, and protocol analysis, these tools have not only deepened our comprehension but also empowered us to design, simulate, and refine the next generation of wireless networks. In the realm of 5G, Matlab has proven to be an invaluable companion, offering a platform where insights transform into capabilities, and where theoretical understanding meets the practical challenges of modern communication.

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