Empowering Students for Exam Success – Outreach Program for School Students

The Department of ECE, CARE College of Engineering organized an outreach program to make a positive impact in the community. The Outreach Program on “Empowering Students for Exam Success” at St. Vincent Matriculation Higher Secondary School was successfully conducted on 21.11.2023 for 8th and 9th standard students. In the event, the focus was on the challenges students face during English exams and the importance of providing them with the right tools and mind-set for success. The session on “Learning prepositions & tenses – Exam point of View” was handled by Ms.A.Karthicka, AP/English, CARE College of Engineering.
Objectives of Outreach Programme
Understanding the Basics: Introduce students to the fundamental concepts of prepositions and tense.
Interactive Learning: Conduct engaging activities and games that involve the use of prepositions to make learning fun and memorable.
Real-World Application: Demonstrate how prepositions and tense are used in real-life scenarios, such as writing stories, describing events, and giving directions.
Grammar in Context: Provide examples and exercises that showcase the correct usage of prepositions and tense within the context of sentences.
Building Confidence: Boost students’ confidence in using prepositions and tenses by providing constructive feedback and positive reinforcement.
This outreach program aims to make language learning engaging, applicable, and enjoyable for school students while enhancing their understanding and usage of prepositions and tense which will help them to approach English Exams in an easier way.
Approximately 250 students from the 8th and 9th grades, along with assistance from the school teachers form the audience for the program.
Organizing Team of Faculties

  • Dr. J. Jeyarani, Associate Professor, HoD /ECE
  • Mr. S. Sriram Sundar, Assistant Professor/ECE
  • Ms. R. Vanitha, Assistant Professor/ECE
  • Ms. R. Elavarasi , Assistant Professor/ECE
  • Ms. J. S. Jenin, Assistant Professor/ECE

Resource Person: Ms. A. Karthicka, Assistant Professor/English

Outcomes of the Program
The program created a positive and empowering learning experience, by equipping students with skills that extend far beyond the immediate context of prepositions and tense. The program also helped to increase the students  confidence in using language effectively, encouraging them to express themselves with clarity and precision.

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