Open Mic – ” Book Review”

CARE NDLI CLUB in association with Department of Science and Humanities organized a “Open Mic – Book Review” on 24/11/23 from 11.00 am to 1 pm at CARE Fulcrum. Around 107 Students participated in this event.  The event is aimed to promote a culture of reading and critical thinking among participants while providing them with a platform to express their opinions on various literary works.

Participants presented their book reviews in front of the audience, highlighting key aspects such as sequence, characterization, writing style, and overall impact. Participants ranged from literature enthusiasts to aspiring writers, showcasing a diverse group of individuals with a passion for books. The Book Review Contest was a celebration of literature, fostering a love for reading and critical thinking. We look forward to organizing more such events in the future to continue promoting a culture of intellectual engagement and appreciation for the written word.

Ms. Amba Bharathi .S . Desai, Communication Trainer, CARE College of Engineering, Trichy honored the occasion as the judge of this event. She motivated the students to spend valuable time on reading.  She stressed the importance of reading saying that it will never forsake them at any point in their lives. Winners were selected in different categories, including Best Overall Review, Fluency, Clarity, confidence and Best Presentation.


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