NSS & ECOCARE -Finding Your Right Balance Between Food and Fun: Awareness Program on Nutrition

CARE College of Engineering hosted an informative awareness program on nutrition titled “Find Your Balance Between Food and Fun” on December 9th at 3:30 PM. Organized by the National Service Scheme (NSS) and ECO CARE Club, the program aimed to educate students on healthy eating habits while embracing the enjoyment of food.Ms. Parimala Narayanan, a renowned holistic nutrition coach from Bengaluru, delivered a captivating presentation that emphasized the importance of balanced nutrition for overall health and well-being. She debunked common food myths and provided practical tips on incorporating healthy food choices into daily lives without sacrificing taste or fun.

The interactive session saw enthusiastic participation from students who actively engaged in Q&A sessions and shared their experiences. Ms. Parimala Narayanan’s insightful guidance helped students gain a deeper understanding of the connection between food choices and their physical and mental health.Mr. R. Saravanan, NSS Programme Officer and Ms. S. Nandhini ECOCARE Club, coordinated the event with unwavering dedication.The awareness program proved immensely beneficial for All the  students, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to make healthy choices and lead balanced lives. With a renewed focus on nutrition and well-being, the students of CARE College of Engineering are now empowered to “Find their Right Balance Between Food and Fun.”


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