Guest Lecture on “Probability Reasoning in Artificial Intelligence”


Guest lecture on “Probability Reasoning in Artificial Intelligence” was arranged and successfully conducted for 2nd year AI&DS students on 06/12/2023 in the Forenoon session Dr. Lakshmi D, Senior Associate Professor, Department of Artificial Intelligence, Vellore Institute of Technology, Bhopal. was the resource person for this Guest Lecture session.

This Guest lecture is aimed to provide the enriched knowledge to 2nd year students on the subject AL3391 Artificial Intelligence which is in Anna university curriculum. Probabilistic Reasoning is identified as the topic and it was delivered through this guest lecture.

Resource person Dr. Lakshmi D explored the guest lecture session on the topics of Acting under certainty, Bayesian Inference, Naive Bayes Models, Bayesian Networks, Exact Inference in BN, Approximate Inference in BN and Casual Networks. She additionally covers the topic Gaussian distribution and Fuzzy Logic on Artificial Intelligence to fill the curriculum gap. 81 students from AI&DS have benefited through this guest lecture session. Students have cleared their doubts by interacting with resource person.

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