Awareness session on “Outcome Based Education (OBE) and Curriculum Development

A One day “Awareness session on “Outcome Based Education (OBE) and Curriculum Development organized by IQAC cell under the Quality initiatives of IQAC was held on 22.3.2024 in Engineering Seminar Hall at 9.30a.m. The main objective of the session is to equip us all with the necessary knowledge and tools to enhance our educational practices and ensure the holistic development of our students. The session topics were handled by the distinguished guest speaker Dr. Tholkappiya Arasu, from Aasan Education, Chennai.

The session started with a welcome note by Mrs.A.Keerthana Devi, AP/MBA. Dr.S.Shanthi, Principal, CARE College of Engineering felicitated the gathering and insisted the importance of Curriculum Development in OBE.

The session coverage included the following,

Introduction to Outcome-Based Education (OBE): Understanding the principles and significance of OBE in contemporary educational frameworks.

Curriculum Development: Exploring effective strategies and methodologies for designing and implementing student-centered curricula aligned with OBE principles.

Assessment Techniques: Exploring innovative assessment methods that align with OBE objectives and promote meaningful learning outcomes.

Best Practices Sharing: Facilitating discussions and sharing best practices among faculty members to foster collaboration and collective learning.

Also Dr. Tholkappiya Arasu insisted on self-conscious about quality education and research, and continuous improvement in knowledge competency and teamwork. The session was more interactive with the faculty members and got new insights on the framework of Outcome Based Education and Curriculum Development. At the end the gratitude note was addressed by Mrs. A.Gomathi, AP,CSE.

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