Five Mile Radius

Five Mile Radius- a workshop on alternate materials and appropriate sustainable technologies explored Mud, Bamboo ,concrete Debris and lime as building materials .
A nine day long intense workshop ,the students conceived and Erected four bamboo structures designed to serve as pause points along the route to the hostel complex within the campus. The many creative solutions arrived at by the students were reviewed by the resource people Ar.Murali and Ar.Sreenidhi and the final selection of four structures to be executed was made
.Discussions on material choices ,joineries and structures followed by live demonstrations on the same constituted the first two days of the workshop.
From then on the build phase saw students working hands on to execute their designs .The students were a part of all the phases of construction–foundation ,flooring and the roofing structure…
A expert lecture by Ar.Eugene pandala ,a passionate architect rooted in sustainable practices, whose explorations in mud and bamboo have won many accolades , was a part of the workshop schedule. The artistry ,flamboyance and handcrafted nature of his projects left a lasting impression and opened their minds to the endless charm of mud as a material ,the power of traditional wisdom and the urgency to be creatively sustainable to save this beautiful planet.

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