“Visual storytelling”

“Visual storytelling” –a mesmerizing talk cum demonstration by Ar.Rajkumar Ramalingam, concept artist and theme designer with a masters in “Theme entertainment Design” from the Savannah School Of Art and Design,Georgia,USA,,was organized by the art club of CARE School Of Architecture.
The talk was centered around the need to enhance and upgrade ones skill sets to develop an uniqueness in this age of hybrid professionals who master allied fields and apply learnings of one on to another for an individualistic expression .He further encouraged the students to express and communicate through drawings so that it becomes habitual and an effective tool for design thinking in architecture.
The talk was followed by a demonstration of fast sketching in the digital medium that was truly inspirational to the students.The school appreciates the efforts of Ms.Harsha, Mr.Gowtham, Ms.Deepthi jain and Mr.Jaswanth ,office bearers of the club.


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