Exploration on Waste Water Treatment – workshop based on 3R concept

Resource person – Ms.K.Vidya, Mr.M.Vigneshwaran, Ms.s.Haripriya

Under graduate Students from civil and architecture participated and learned basic design concepts of treatment unit and methodologies for treating Grey water in a four day long workshop conducted from 27.11.2017 to 30.11.2017.

An initial a miniature proto type model was made with journal reference. Site visits to the Aavin diary Effluent treatment unit and Andavar drinking water purification unit were organized to understand the treatment concepts hands on.

A Grey water treatment unit with drip irrigation system with a treatment capacity of 2000 liters was installed in the Campus Hostel.

Filtration with coagulation design was installed in girls’ hostel and filtration with , aeration unit was installed in boys hostel.

Finally the treated water was tested for its quality by doing basic test before turning it into drip irrigation for gardening.

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