Photogrammetry & Technical Imaging

5 days of discussions and explorations, towards understanding the Photogrammetry and technical imaging, specifically towards conservation and heritage documentation. Two professionals signed up for the workshop as well. We visited the neighborhoods at Srirangam, Udayarpalayam palace and its temple.


By Student Mukundan.

I had the privilege  to attend the workshop twice and learned twice as much. The workshop helped to identify the differences between what photograph we usually take and what photograph that should have been taken while documenting a structure. From the workshop we learned that photographs are used to support the argument and learned how to use it as the content to express the actual than with bunch of paragraphs. At the end of the workshop i was able to identify what type of photographs are needed while documenting and got a set of guidlines whohcninwould be able to follow in the future to document and get as much information as possible and use it in my academics
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