Procedural Design II


Based in engineering sciences and appropriated by the design field. the potential of physical forces becoming an agency of design have been demonstrated by a number of legends over the last century. This workshop will explore two dominant avenues of research and knowledge — empirical learning via prototyping of human scaled spaces and objects. and scientific learning via established methods and technology from the computer graphics and computational engineering industry. The objective for these explorations would be to develop an operative design framework that synthesizes the multiple formative forces of architectural space — art. Engineering and manufacturing. It seeks synergies between design generation. Design articulation engineering logics and constraints of physical medium. Physical forces as an agency of design. The workshop will follow the legacy of learning through making and thinking through hands.

The workshop will investigate the physically-based parameters as effective constraints in design de­velopment and envision to form a process that ensures continuity between the stage of design and the materialization of the output. thus it will be hands on exercise to generate 1:1 /Human scaled physical prototype. Participants will be introduced in the concept of material thinking as a design driver and through digital tutorials and physical model-making will aquire an understanding of the relationship of input and output that characterizes non-linear systems.

Admissions Open
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