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The playful learning environment is being an irresistible factor in enlightening the kids with knowledge and providing a path for how can they use it in their daily life.The built form and circulation inside can influence the activeness of the pupil to some extent. But this attitude of generating the active environment fades out when the building does not respond to the climate and context . The comfort level can brought up in altering the microclimate and making it more responsive to the context.Natural light inside the built environment aids the concentration and activeness of children.Considering the 5 major elements along with the architectural elements and manipulating them together according to climate and context may possibly have the potential to generate an active environment.

The kids should feel free and secured inside the space . In order to develop the artistry among children and for the development of their cognitive thinking capacity,there are methods followed in our tradition.These methods were indirectly inbuilt in our traditional games . Therefore the consideration of traditional games in the education system would develop the artistry among children.

By Student Sowbarnika.

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