The Conservation and Rejuvenation of Padithurai along Cauvery River

Article on The Hindu Newspaper -24.12.2019

A team of students from C.A.R.E. School of Architecture with guidance of its Faculty members Vidhyashankar & Pradeep Shakthi,has identified and categorized the Padithurai at northern bank like Veereshwaram, Amma Mandapam and few at southern bank like SS Kovil (melachinthamani), Kambarasammpettai as Thirumanjana padithurai (sacred), Karumadhi thurai (profane) and padithurai for bathing & washing (civic)- in 3 major categories.

The team is documenting the physical setting and the life around these Padithurais and preparing a proposal for its conservation and rejuvenation, in the form of design guidelines,drawings & general recommendations.

Many of the Padithurais and the structures in their vicinity are of heritage value but not much known like the Ranimangamal padithurai near Oyamari,which probably is of the Nayaks or Maratha era,going by the style and construction techniques!


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