Documentary Film Making

5 days Workshop on Introduction to Film making as a visual medium.Pre production,Production & Post production.Understanding the camera,equipments,techniques and handling,Understanding movements in films,principle of composition,Importance of Planning in production and teamwork,Smaller assignment of shorts and merging cuts,sense of the visual medium,Introduction to visual medium,Creating the storyboard for the documentary.

Exploring Motion Images

By Student Sindhuja,
It was the first ever workshop I attended. We had a very new experience on the whole. Sarath sir’s exercises brought out the hidden talent among us. We had good interactions with in ourselves and helped others in finding their mistakes, appreciating them and giving them suggestion. Respect for another person’s view and ideas were very important.Learnt a lot about handling DSLR,setting frames and editing.Basics were very simple to understand,but applying all the stuffs and putting them together as full fledged video is the real challenging task.Best part of theĀ  workshop is thatĀ  we have been taught not just to see through lens/eyes but also listen, feel and use all senses to perceive What’s around us,realized how life seems beautiful when we keenly observe what’s around us.Our patience was tested when it came to editing process.It was a very special and interesting,time we spent time learning from Sarath and Sivakumar.


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