Furniture Prototyping Using Advanced Wooden Joinery

Workshop Instructor: Ar. Kumaresan
Guest Mentor: Ar. Naveen G

Wood is the most widely used material for making furniture across the world. It has its root set in several traditions and cultural significance. Over time traditional building practices are falling out of ordinary use. Inspite of it source of inspiration for architects, artists and designers. The art of wood joinery is one of the best known techniques that has held buildings to stand for generations with nothing more than tension and friction. Long before screws and metal fastenings became common, simple wood joineries were used. The wooden joinery techniques are vital in understanding furniture design.
This hands-on workshop is designed to introduce students about the basic knowledge of wood and joinery skills. As future designers the students shall be pushed to understand the multiple characteristics of wooden joints such as strength, flexibility, durability and appearance. Every student conceptualized a design of their own to be made by the end of the workshop. They are expected to understand wood-joints, calculations and geometrical measurements to come up with a design of their own.

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