Hyperflow Level 1

Workshop Instructor: Ar. Balaji Rajasekaran
Guest Mentor: Ar. Senthilkumar Doss

Hyper Flow is a design and build workshop validating the cross-pollination between research, practice and academics to enable meaningful collaborations within them. This workshop explores structural form-finding through the understanding of concepts of nature and forces. This workshop also explores how to effectively optimize material mass, and reinforcements needed for structural stability. This workshop explores to avoid formwork and shuttering which is one of the major contributor to the expense of any project.
The aim is to avoid high-tech production systems but instead relies on the idea of human robots (hands of our unskilled local labourers and student architects). This experiment will give the students the chance to see the whole work through, from the initial design development to the realization of the structure.
To improve from the previous experiment O’shell, this time we are looking at how to reduce more reinforcement and improvise on the effective structural/ construction system,

Admissions Open
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