Urban Edge Studio I Semester 08

Lead Faculty: Prof. P.V.K. Rameshwar
Team Leads ( Design Charrette ): Ar.Biju Kuriakose I Ar. Nelson Pais | Ar. Soumitro Ghosh
Studio Incharges:Ar. Mohesh Babu R, Ar. Mughil | Ar. Kapilan C, Ar. Murugesan O | Ar. Senthil Kumar S, Ar. Santhosh Kannan JB

The intent of the urban design “Insert” studio for the academic year 2022-23 is based on the provocation that more and more cities are “developing” with the same redundant ideology – Abstract, Unreal, Undifferentiated urban sprawl resulting in lack of clarity and cohesion of Urban Structure and Form. Tiruchirapalli is no exception to this with it’s uncontrolled and chaotic development. People cannot experience the city and are left with no choice but to become mere consumers.

  • Can we enhance people’s experience of the city? Can cities become more legible, lending character, identity and orientation?
The Studio explores the making of an Urban Edge as a means to achieve this. The Urban Edge is not to contain the growth as understood in a conventional sense but as a bridge, a threshold, a link, a stitch, a buffer.

The three sites chosen for this exploration are :
1) The historic city walls outside- the Gandhi Market precinct 
2) The Railway Station precinct
3) The Uyyakondan Canal along the Old Collectorate precinct.
Admissions Open
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