Rural Studio I Semester 03

Studio Mentor: Prof. Neelkanthchhaya 

Studiocoordinators:: Ar. Vidhyashankar/Ar.Maniyarasan/ Ar. Balaji / Ar.Pinglashree / Ar. Oviya

This studio intends to appreciate and analyze the form and characteristics of the Vishnupuram Agraharam near kumbakonam. The main intent is to understand the Form of overall Settlement (Rural Morphology), Form of Rural Streetscape (Streets & Nodes), Form of Buildings, Form of Architectural Elements (Courtyard, Thinnai, Roof, Walls, Openings, Etc.,), to understand the constants, variations, proportions and functionality of rural settlement planning. This provides valuable insights into how contexts such as place, climate, material, people, culture, and other factors shape the form and structure of buildings in rural communities. Climate, Materiality & Method of Construction, Functionality, People & Cultureplay a crucial role inshapingthe form and designof rural settlements.

Admissions Open
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