Professional Connect I Semester 06

Semester 06 provides an opportunity for the students to choose their studio, to work alongside design practices with diverse approach to architecture.

Microstudio 1 I  Thumbimpressions Collaborative

Studio Lead : Prof Sankalpa,  Ar.Manu Narendran

Studio Coordinators: Ar Stephen, Ar. Brinda, Ar. Judith Belinda Laura, Ar. Amirtha Varshini P 

This studio aims to set up a disciplinary impetus to the program with considerable emphasis on “space as an outcome of synthesis of details”. It believes that the possibilities of serving architectural knowledge at its core rests on systematic methods of investigation and evaluation of form as an outcome of the manner in which materials organise themselves in a structural system.

Microstudio 2 I Voxelscapes

Studio Lead : Ar. Debashree Pal, Founder Voxelscapes Ar. Karthik Dondeti, Founder Voxelscapes

Studio Coordinators: Ar Gowtham Srinath

This studio aims to bridge the gap between parametric thinking and environmental optimization in the context of an urban morphology. The studio explores the potential of a mixed use development in cultivating a sense of community at a programmatic level  and the potential of building volume and its skin as a response to climate at a morphological level.

Microstudio 3 I Studio Naqshbandhi

Studio Lead : Ar. Mona Doctor Pingel

Studio Coordinators:  Ar. Nirupama

This studio will explore the realm where an idea gets transformed into a buildable construction detail. The emphasis on detailing will be equal to the importance given in space making and conceptualizing.

Microstudio 4 I Shanmugam Associates

Studio Lead :Ar Santhosh Shanmugam, Principal Architect, Shanmugam Associates
Ar Raja Krishnan D, Principal Architect, Shanmugam Associates

Studio Coordinators: Ar. Monisha Nageswaran

This studio aims to develop environmental design strategies and spatial configurations for an office building. The architectural objective is to create a renewed image of the office building with a holistic approach to design and construction that comprises evolving, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly practices.

Admissions Open
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