Orientation 2023 – Announcement







UPASANA can be interpreted as a culture, system, practice, or even a lifestyle that should be followed for a healthy, creative & stress-free life. The 04 days program generates an awareness of the human body, body movements, mind control, and psycho-physical balance required for a sound life.







Introducing our Linocut Workshop as part of the Orientation 2023. Linocut is a versatile printmaking technique, which involves intricately carving designs into linoleum sheets. This relief printing method allows students to craft exquisite, textured images on a variety of surfaces, from paper to fabric.







Clay Relief is  a sculpting technique that adds depth and dimension to artistic creations. Students will master the skillful manipulation of clay, crafting intricate designs that break from two-dimensionality, resulting in visually stunning pieces showcasing artistry and craftsmanship.

Admissions Open
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