C.A.R.E. + Earthling.Ladakh

Workshop Instructor: Ar. Bogadhi Sandeep    

Our students undertook a transformative 10-day workshop in Diskit village, nestled in Ladakh’s enchanting Nubra Valley. Guided by principles of sustainable architecture and local cultural heritage, students collaborated with earth architecture practitioners to construct a shelter using the ancient technique of rammed earth, under the guidance of Sandeep Bogadhi, principal architect, Earthling.Ladakh.

This immersive experience blended learning, creativity, and cultural exchange. Students not only honed their skills in rammed earth construction but also formed meaningful connections with local craftsmen, absorbing centuries old wisdom.

Exploring the awe-inspiring landscape, hiking to hilltop vistas, and visiting serene monasteries enriched their experience. The vibrant Leh city provided a juxtaposition of modernity and tradition, leaving a lasting impression. This journey transcended construction; it built bridges between cultures, nurtured creativity, and ignited a passion for sustainable architecture. 

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