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Student Elite Projects

Department of Mechanical Engineering, CARE, encourage students to take up innovative project ideas/Research work and actively participating in technical project expo organized by Government sector like SIH software and Hardware editions, fund projects proposal activity, etc. The following student’s innovation projects were developed by mechanical engineering students with the support of Mechanical department faculties and CARE Management support.




A Floor-Cleaning Machine which is used in cleaning long corridor in colleges, marriage halls and so on, comprising a support frame operated mechanically without any electrical power.The mop is attached at the bottom of the frame is in contact with the floor which does the floor cleaning. An adjustable handle is helpful to steer the mop cleaner on the floor provided with wheels. The mop works on the principle of slider crank mechanism which has bevel gear arrangement converts rotary motion into translating motion


2.Paste N Brush


In this materialistic world, spending money for paste and brush is a major concern in all households. People have confused mindset, while travelling whether they have taken paste/brush or not. The pasteNbrush is a handy product which consists of brush with paste. It facilitates easy handling by individuals. It avoids carrying paste while travelling. The portableproduct is highly recommended for Children’s (age between 5 and 12), Adults, Travellers and Senior citizens.





In most of the houses the foot wears (shoes/chappals/sandals/slippers) of the family membersare not arranged properly, though they have open shoe rack which gives bad appearance in front of the house. Sometime causes bad smell also. During rainy season the foot wears also get wet and lose its texture, which reduces shoe/sandal life.  The multipurpose shoe rack helps in placing shoes and sandals on the rack by a single leg press on the mechanical lever. Lever mechanism has two links with open helical spring. The shoe rack has multiple features like Mirror attachment, sitting chair, writing table etc.The customer detailsGated communities / Individual houses,Hospitals / Offices, Religious places, Educational institutions, etc.

Product highlights:

  • Pedal Operated Dustbin.
  • Easy and Quick way to access the shoe rack with simple mechanism.
  • Smart operating system (sensor based).
  • Attractive shoe rack (normal type).
  • Foldable ‘v’ shape rack with three dividers




As we are all fighting with Covid-19, as per ICMR Guidelines, we have three ways to save our life and others life also. 1) Wearing face mask 2) Social Distancing 3) Sanitizing hands often.  So we decided to make foot operated sanitizer to be used for our people. This Sanitizer Dispenser Stand is a must-have product for the post-Covid 19 also. This sanitizer stand allows the user (students/faculties/people) tobe sanitized without touching the bottle by a foot-pedal operated mechanism. This product ensures that the bottle itself is not spreading the virus.