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Internships & Placement

Are Internships helpful? If so, in what way?
Answer is YES!

Of course, Internship is a course completion criterion in the Engineering curriculum during their final semester. But, the learning aspects of Internships are countless and valuable. Interns develop practical and critical skills through experiential learning between 3 and 6 months in a work place. On the go, they get real world experience, build professional network, learn about organizational structures, learn the ins and outs of the working system and gain professional reflections. The whole new ball game is sure to give them the understanding needed for their future endeavours, while the true essence of Internships, i.e. Soft Skills – Communication, Leadership, Problem-solving and Teamwork can be enhanced beyond everything or anything…

We also reach out to Internshala  that creates openings for student internships by training their skills for better performance.

It’s truly credit-bearing due to the fact that at the culmination of Internships, students feel self-assured in facing Job Interviews at the optimum level.

“I was able to crack Campus Placement just because of the placement team’s amazing preparatory efforts.” – Aravinth R (CARE Alumna) Talent Acquisition Group, TCS

Placement training is given to all students from their third semester onwards. We believe in a consistent approach to develop their Interview skills – Face-to-Face Interviews, Group Discussions and Aptitude Training to overcome hurdles before them. As an outcome, we have a record of 100% placement for 4 consecutive years. Also, a few meritorious graduates receive offer letters from more than two companies. Here we mention some recruiters….

Cognizant, Wipro, Amazon, BYJU’s, TCS, Tech Mahindra, HCL, ZOHO , Capgemini, etc.